New Lime PUL

Got my lime PUL (along with chocolate, blue, periwinkle, green, and natural) form a new manufacturer mid-week last week and today I got a chance to cut into it. have to admit I wasn’t too thrilled with it before I paired it with a light blue microfleece and a butter yellow micro. It reminds me of lemony-lime! The yellow is from another manufacturer but it was one of the ones I made while making the lime diapers.


One thought on “New Lime PUL

  1. Mandy! I love, love, love the lime! You know I just had Jo make me some pull up side snap trainers…and I had originally asked her for a lime one…and she didn’t have any lime. Any chance we can make a deal? Or you can make a side snap diaper cover with a cotton liner and a soaker sewn to the middle?

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