Movin’ on up

For 3+ years now I have had an eBay store. Last month I decided May would be the projected move date. In the past 3 years fees and risen and risen and risen. Now they are to the point where I have faced the facts that eBay is greedy and it’s no longer worth it for me to be there. It hasn’t been worth it for a while but I’m a creature of habit and old habits die hard. I don’t like change and I’m sure many of you can understand that change can be a scary thing to accept sometimes.

Fees are through the friggen’ roof and a lot of buyers may not understand how much we sellers actually pay out! Sometimes it really comes down to, in the broad scheme of things, giving the item away and quite frankly that’s not okay for me.

I’ve been selling on Hyena Cart for a little over a year now and it’s really been a great place for me. I’m sure you will find it much easier (and cheaper) than buying from eBay. They don’t charge me fees for each individual sale and thus I pass that savings onto you! You get the same great product for less than what you’d pay through eBay! How can that be bad???

In addition to diapers, I have started a new Spring and Summer line of clothing AND I have a few more earth friendly goodies in mind as well! Come over and take a look at what’s new!


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