Oh, and a custom

3 small fitted cloth diapers. 4 internal layers organic cotton hemp fleece with a flannel topped 2 layer organic cotton hemp fleece matching doubler. TOO CUTE!


How they fit!

This is a custom size trainer I blogged about earlier. It’s a wonderful fit on Andrew on the largest snap setting (I cut 2 out- one for the customer, one for a fitting for Drew). It would make a good diaper as well with perhaps another layer of hemp or as a light diaper as is if you like the side snapping fold over elastic bound style diaper. It’s a fairly trim fit and because it does not require a cover, it should fit nicely under clothing just as well as a disposable. It’s comfortable on him, snug enough to stay up but he still has room to grow.

The bear diaper is my new medium size fitted cloth diaper being modeled by Drew. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the new sizing! Drew is about 24/25 lbs. now and will be 2 in less than a month. He’s fairly thin for his age, and average height (maybe a bit taller than most kids his age), but definitely thinner. So, from that I deduce that this medium size will fit up to most average 2 year olds who weight is about about 25 lbs., and probably will only fit chubby 2 year olds to about 22 lbs. and thinner 2 year olds to about 30 lbs, like Drew! Of course, pound ranges are always a loose guide, so much depends on build. Again this is a medium size and will also fit from about 6 months+ on so you’d get a lot of wear out of these! The absorbency is also going to be adjustable by custom order.

I am so happy with the trim fit of these diapers!

A sweet deal!

For any of you who know how to sew (diapers in particular) and do so or want to do so OR you’re looking for some great deals on cloth diaper and/or child related items (i.e. doublers, clothing blanks, PREFOLD diapers, labels, etc.) I know the place to truly save!. If you’re looking for some great deals on all fabrics and notions relating to diapers, from now until the end of May 2008 if you sign up for the Cradled in Cloth 1 Yahoo co-op group you can save save save. Not only can you save on fabrics off retail but if you mention my name when signing up for the group, which by the way is FREE and only takes a name and an email address, you save me 10% on shipping and you’re going to save 10% on shipping! Not only that but if you sign anyone up, you’ll receive 10% for each person you sign up.

You’ll find stuff that you probably won’t be able to find at most fabric stores (i.e. PUL, Fold Over Elastic, hemp, bamboo fabrics, etc., etc.!) Why is this discount being offered? Because the more people we get into the group the more we save!Now, I’m not usually one to push people to sign up for things. However, a friend of mine got me started on these yahoo co-ops and truly, they have been such a money saver. It costs nothing to join and you don’t have to buy anything. If you’re not familiar with yahoo groups ever heard of Freecycle??? Well, that’s a yahoo group. The great thing about these diaper co op groups on yahoo is this: because a bunch of ladies get together to buy bulk fabric, we get tremendous savings on everything from snaps to PUL.

There is usually one to a few moderators who run the group, find the fabric sources put together the information and tell the members what’s currently up, say PUL (polyurethane laminate). Members will put in how many yards of each they want and the group waits until the fill minimums are met. We send the money off to the mod and they order the fabric. Sometimes there is a small cutting fee (anywhere from .10 yard to .25, more often than not it’s minimal) this helps the mods pay themselves minimally for the cutting time and then you pay shipping to you. After all is said and done the money saved by ordering this is a lot cheaper than ordering it at full price yourself!I’m serious on the savings folks! The cheapest ORGANIC COTTON hemp fleece I saw recently was $10.95 a yard retail PLUS shipping. Currently, Laurie at CIC1 (Cradled in Cloth 1) has hemp for $7.75 a yard!

Why is it so much cheaper? Like I said, a bunch of people pool their money and orders and we get a better price.To mention a few other things that she has sources for over there, DSQ (diaper service quality) prefolds and HUGE savings, microfleece, size labels AND personalized labels, Aplix and Touchtape hook and loop (like velcro), the latest bamboo fabrics, inserts, elastics, and clothing blanks (as in regular clothing you may embellish if you’d like or wear as is.)

This group has all sorts of great stuff so even if you don’t sew there are still a lot of things that may interest you! Go check it out at the very least. If you join, don’t forget to mention me so we both can save! You have to join to see everything in the database but joining is free and simple. There should be a message box asking you why you’d like to join and if you remember to mention my name or that Amanda H. sent you you not only will I get 10% off shipping for my next order, SO WILL YOU! Shipping prices, by the way, aren’t inflated either like buying retail! There’s a great group of ladies over there, go check it out.


There’s a HUGE clearance sale going on over at the shop. I’ve taken some time and redone my patterns and made some changes to measurements and soaker layers, etc. in anticipation of my new organic cotton hemp fleece coming in! The older styles are at a great bargain! Go check it out!

Making way for new sizing, hooray! Having so many sizes was draining and confusing too to people I think, so I streamlined it down to 4 main sizes, newborn, small, medium and large. My patterns were different before also for AIO’s/AI2’s and fitteds. Now, they’re all the same. I will NOT be offering trim cuts any longer as the cut now is quite trim even with 6 layers of hemp fleece! XL will available by special order (they were the OLD large size). Pretty much each size will go down measurement wise except the NB size which stays the same. Xsmalls are phasing out and the former smalls are still smalls but completely different measurements.