18" to an outfit!

I’ma lways mentioning making tops and dresses from remnants. The fact is, the remnant bin at my fabric store is practically my favorite place to be. Not to mention the fact I grab the spot in front of it when I’m waiting for the next fabric cutter to become available. I always raid it and usually find some great stuff!

Just before Easter my Mom bought Rachel some presmocked fabric. I think last year was the first year I saw it and I thought, cool! Basically, it comes in a few different lengths, it’s smocked on top and then the skirt hangs, you buy as much as you need to go around you and sew up the back. Voila, almost instant dress! For kids though I like to have straps. I got home and discovered 18 1/2″ isn’t enough to have any sort or normal dress towards the bottom so I cut the bottom off about 6 inches from the smocking. Then, withthe lower portion that I cut off, I made shorts! The ties I actually made from the lower portion of the 2nd remnant I bought. I made a dress for Rachel out of that and still had enough left over to make straps for her too!

So here is the finished product, a 2 piece outfit, with a halter style top and capri length shorts. TOO CUTE. This can be found in the HC shop. To see Rachel’s dress, click here.

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