There’s a HUGE clearance sale going on over at the shop. I’ve taken some time and redone my patterns and made some changes to measurements and soaker layers, etc. in anticipation of my new organic cotton hemp fleece coming in! The older styles are at a great bargain! Go check it out!

Making way for new sizing, hooray! Having so many sizes was draining and confusing too to people I think, so I streamlined it down to 4 main sizes, newborn, small, medium and large. My patterns were different before also for AIO’s/AI2’s and fitteds. Now, they’re all the same. I will NOT be offering trim cuts any longer as the cut now is quite trim even with 6 layers of hemp fleece! XL will available by special order (they were the OLD large size). Pretty much each size will go down measurement wise except the NB size which stays the same. Xsmalls are phasing out and the former smalls are still smalls but completely different measurements.


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