Such an idiot!

I don’t exactly like poor grammar and I don’t really like misspellings either. Lord knows I do enough of both, my grammar is good in real life. In writing, I’m sure it’s not exactly to MLA format and my Grandma, who is a former newspaper proof reader, would probably be appalled reading my writing. BUT, I hate when I do something so obviously wrong and think, GOOD GRIEF, what an idiot I am sometimes!

So, my ‘Who’s been here’ widget to your right used to read ‘Whose been here’. I didn’t notice it until this AM and stated the above aforementioned statement and went about changing it quickly. I didn’t know until recently ‘its’, when used as a possessive, doesn’t need an apostrophe in it. It doesn’t make any sense to me! Yes, I know ‘it’s’ is really it is but if you wrote Bob as in Bob’s pen, you’d add the apostrophe so why shouldn’t it be the same for ‘its’? Stupidity really. I’m glad I learned the English language first because when it all comes right down to it, there really aren’t rules, per say, that are set in stone and work every single time for everything, and THAT bothers me!

Which brings me to another point…college classes. I understand why some teachers/professors are so passionate about their work, but sometimes you get one where they are so over the top they act like their class is the ONLY one you’re taking. Sorry, I hate to be the one to tell them this, but their English class, while important, is not the only college class most folks are taking. So while you may be super intent on blasting then with more info they can learn in a semester, you may be better off teaching the better basics and hoping they take that with them.

Not that I’m taking an English class now, but I really hated instructors who acted like that 2 day a week class was your whole schedule. By that point most people were taking a full load AND working at least part time! But that was totally off topic. So anyway, the widget’s title has been fixed and thank you if you noticed and thought ‘what a stupid idiot’ along with me :o).

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