100 yards of bamboo fleece came in yesterday and I am in love! This stuff, by far, is the softest thing I have EVER felt. EVER!

I made a side snapping small, which fits a little larger than my front closing smalls. My son, who just turned two in the photos below, is SUPER thin and weighs about 24 lbs. He’s tall and it looks like the rise fits him and some people like a lower rise. I do not however and after I stood him up the rise fell a little below where it’s sitting while he’s lying down. I really much prefer a regular medium on him than this small. At any rate, this bamboo…I really can’t tell you how incredibly soft it is. I am so very happy with it!

I am thinking about doing a giveaway sometime soon. Not sure exactly what it will be, but you can be sure it will be something fun!!! Be on the lookout soon for bamboo diapers in the store!

Oh, and this one is a super thick and thirsty 2 layer diaper with 2 additional layers of contour bamboo fleece sewn internally. There are 2 inserts, 1 is a double layered contoured and the other is a double oval layer contour. This would easily do the job at night for almost everyone and if you don’t need that much, slip one of these thirsty doublers into another diaper!

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