The bamboo pocket fitted!

So, I’ve been reading here and there about what people wanted. And I have read more than a few times that people were in desperate search of a bamboo pocket fitted. I, quite honestly, think it’s a little bizarre really. I can understand the point behind it of course and that’s that it is fast drying but as absorbent as you need it to be and there’s bamboo up against baby.

So, here is the bamboo side snapping pocket fitted diaper. This one is up in the store and available this coming Thursday, my birthday! To add some fun into the mix I am offering free shipping on all U.S. residents on $50 or more for that day!

This diaper comes with a contoured insert (not shown) that is 4 layers. Normally I make a bi-fold insert but this time did two two layered contoured and serged them all the way around. Then attached each insert only at the top and bottom, which should be a pretty quick dry!

You could also use the insert as a lay in and still have the soft bamboo against baby.

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