OSFM (One Size Fits Most) fitted diaper tutorial: how to fold

*UPDATE: This blog has been updated with photos of the new style diaper that has elastic in the back pocket opening. My son, who is modeling a diaper, is also a few months older but weighs the same.

This is a One Size Fits Most fitted pocket diaper. The wings are long enough to over lap for most fits so only one pin is required until about 30 lbs.. This should fit from about 9 lbs. to about 45/50 lbs. depending on build. As you can see, Drew can use them with just one pin! He’s wearing a organic cotton bamboo velour which has a bit more stretch than a woven flannel.

This is a great way to get the adjustable fit of a fitted diaper with elastic in through the legs to keep the messes in without having to buy every different size of the fitteds. What a money saver!

It’s also a pocket diaper so you can adjust absorbency as baby grows and needs more or for day and night/naps/outings! Look for them in the store.

1: lay out your diaper flat

diapers 077

2. fold in wings.

diapers 078

3. fold up rise for your baby’s custom fit.

diapers 081

4. bring diaper up over baby.

diapers 082

5. bring wing across.

diapers 083

6. bring other wings across to fit snugly around baby and pin or Snappi.

diapers 084

For bigger babies

1. fold rise down for your baby’s custom fit.

diapers 086

2. bring wing across.

diapers 087

3. bring other wings across and secure.

diapers 088

My 2 1/2 year old 26 lb. son in an organic cotton bamboo velour OSFM (One Size Fits Most) fitted pocket with 9 layers of cotton bamboo french terry as an insert.

I did not fold the rise down in these next 2 photos. The rise is a bit too long (high) for my liking. But look, it can be used with just one pin easily and comfortably for him. It’s trim fitting too!

diapers 090

diapers 094

I folded down the rise by about 2 inches in this photo, he likes this fit better.

diapers 107

Lots of stretch left, no gapping around legs and no sagging!

diapers 112


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