The Cutest Covers!- Custom

Preemie cover

I wish I could show you how small these actually are. There was no one around to hold the camera while I held one in my hand. But, they are super super small, take my word for it!

preemie covers

Customs for Nathan

My poor SIL has been saying she needed more diapers for my nephew since December. I’ve been so swamped what with the Holidays and all that I’ve just now finished them and sent them off! It’s true that the seamstresses family goes diaperless :o).

diapers 001

diapers 002

I tried something a little new for me and left out the soaker layers inside the actual diaper. Instead I made a 4 layer tri-fold snap in soaker which gave this diaper 14 layers of absorbency!

diapers 003

The others just had internal soakers with a separate doubler.