New snappiable fitted

I’m really a big fan of turned and topstiched diapers, A.K.A. T&T, so made the snappi friendly fitteds T&T with ruffles. How fun!

The accent knit panels do not go all the way to the tops and backs of each diaper to cut down on bulk.

cloth diaper moose tracks

cloth diaper

cloth diaper


Easy on the budget-NEW FITTEDS!

diapers 048

I don’t know about you but we’re feeling the effects on the tightened economy! It seems like every time I go the grocery store everything I buy has gone up a few pennies here or a dime there.

I realize just as much as everyone else that we need to save where we can. I’ve changed patterns just a tiny bit on my fun flannel fitteds to offer you a diaper that fits longer! These diapers have a budget friendly price while still offering the same great fit, absorbency and quality as I’ve always offered yet still maintaining ease of use for you!

Both smalls and medium/larges now come with longer wings and cross over tabs (just like the newborn size!) to fit during the “in between” sizes or for thinner babies like my Drew who was thin as a rail when he learned to walk at 11 months.

The medium now has an extra inch and half in the rise but still relaxes to the same 14″ inches so it fits LONGER saving $ because you don’t have to buy both mediums and larges, thus the medium/large sizing now.

The inserts for these budget friendly diapers are either all flannel or ORGANIC cotton hemp fleece. AND they snap in now so that means FASTER drying time. Again, $ saver! The snaps, I think, are a great addition because it allows you to use the insert with this diaper OR any others, especially great for pocket diapers which = multifunctional!

They’re available now!

Newborn with cross over tabs just like before but now with a Snap in 3 layer organic cotton hemp fleece insert!
diapers 010

diapers 004

Small and Medium/Large fitteds NOW with longer wings, cross over tabs and flannel or organic cotton hemp fleece snap in inserts!
diapers 051

diapers 054

diapers 058