Brand new Baby Naomi in her skulls fitted NB diaper.

Congrats to Susanna and Family!


CPSC, FTC, CPSIA- New system

Can I just tell you I’ve about gone out of my mind?? What’s all that you ask? My primitive tracking operation for now. Well, that and a diaper, some pins, a rotary cutter, a ball point pen and a permanent fabric marker. Oh, and a rotary mat.

Since August 15th, to be in compliance, a new tracking system has gone into place. It’s taken me a little time to come up with something remotely achievable, it’s falling into place. While I do hope to have a better written system set up soon, for now,this is what it is and it’s a bit time consuming but necessary.

At least for now the new individually unique tracking # for each and every article is marked on the back of the size tags.

I’ve been thinking…

With the new laws set into affect by the FTC and CPSC with regard to tracking and content and lead limits…I think I’ll have big sale to make room for all the new stuff that I’ve been working on. Out with the old, in with the new…check out the store for the great deals to be had!