New Diaper con’t…

I am getting around to listing these new OS diapers today. I thought I’d get some photos of my son, Drew, in them. He’s been potty trained for 18 months now but happily (sort of) obliged to modeling it as long as he got to choose with one he wore. Drew is 3 1/2 and a super skinny little guy. I’m really happy with the side pin on him! He weighs 30 lbs. but as you can see, there is still a lot of room for growth! The max rise on these is 18″.




Stash Clearing & Money Saving

With Black Friday coming up I have been himing (himming?) and hawing about whether or not I would venture out again this year the day after Thanksgiving at 3 AM in the freezing cold (with a possible wind chill of 20 degrees) to stand for hours at the fabric store before they open. I just haven’t decided if that’s something I really want to put myself or my husband through AGAIN this year.

I have decided though that I did not go through nearly the fabric I did last year and something has to be done about that. Today I got to work on some flannel fitteds that are really cute, easy to use and quick dry! Oh and inexpensive too. Some will even be reversible as I attempt to reduce the bulk of fabric I have here.

I am really happy with this new pattern I drafted today. These fitteds do not have closures which really allows you to get the perfect fit for your individual baby as well as fitting a large range of sizes saving you money. They can be used with a Snappi although pins will probably be the better option. They will ALL come with inserts, 2 in fact unless otherwise stated giving anywhere from 12-15 layers of absorbency! And at just $10, these are sure to be easy on your pocket book! They’ll hit the store in just a few days so be sure to check out this fun economical option.

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper

Egats! Those are expensive!

Have you questioned why fitted cloth diapers (in particular) are/(can be) so expensive?

The answer is simple yet somewhat complex. Compared to prefolds they can take more fabric. It’s not so much the amount of fabric but more so what waste can result from the cut.

Secondly, the time in which is involved to make a fitted can be extensive. Different people have different ways, one of the slowest being to make them one at a time. As in, cut one at a time and sew one at a time. I myself like an assembly line style but still, it’s time consuming. From cutting the diaper itself, cutting soaker layers, sewing internal soaker layers (if any), adding elastic or sewing the diaper together then sewing elastic, then turning and tops stitching (or serging) and finally, closures. There are a lot of steps!

Third, type of material. When you’re paying anywhere from $5 to $15 per yard of fabric and your diaper contains 3 layers plus soakers and maybe a knit outer layer, the price adds up. Snaps cost, thread costs, elastic costs, time to photograph, time to describe, time to list, time to package, time to ship, paying employees (if applicable), machine upkeep & repair, etc. it’s not just as simple as buying some fabric and whatever it costs per yard is what the price should be.

I will be the first to admit that I think $15+ is a lot of money to pay for a diaper. And while I do think there are some diaper makers out there that are probably overdueing it with what they charge, the higher end materials used in some diapers really costs, add that to the other things I mentioned and it’s easy to see (maybe) why the prices are so high.

So, if you were wondering how on earth it’s possible for a single solitary diaper to cost $15+ when all it is fabric, there are some valid reasons :o).