Stash Clearing & Money Saving

With Black Friday coming up I have been himing (himming?) and hawing about whether or not I would venture out again this year the day after Thanksgiving at 3 AM in the freezing cold (with a possible wind chill of 20 degrees) to stand for hours at the fabric store before they open. I just haven’t decided if that’s something I really want to put myself or my husband through AGAIN this year.

I have decided though that I did not go through nearly the fabric I did last year and something has to be done about that. Today I got to work on some flannel fitteds that are really cute, easy to use and quick dry! Oh and inexpensive too. Some will even be reversible as I attempt to reduce the bulk of fabric I have here.

I am really happy with this new pattern I drafted today. These fitteds do not have closures which really allows you to get the perfect fit for your individual baby as well as fitting a large range of sizes saving you money. They can be used with a Snappi although pins will probably be the better option. They will ALL come with inserts, 2 in fact unless otherwise stated giving anywhere from 12-15 layers of absorbency! And at just $10, these are sure to be easy on your pocket book! They’ll hit the store in just a few days so be sure to check out this fun economical option.

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper

OS flannel cloth diaper


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