First and Last

I lay awake some nights, except, you know, the nights when I’m asleep :o), thinking about gaggles of new things to make and to do. It’s any wonder I sleep at all really because sometimes I cannot shut it off.

I admire the work of others but…BUT, I can’t help but not like one size diapers for one specific reason. I don’t like them because I have yet to see a photo of a newborn or small infant under 12 lbs. in a one size 3 body layered diaper that actually fits well. I’m sure I’m not alone in hating bulky diapers. I don’t mind some bulk. I mean, obviously. That’s the nature of the beast for the most part with cloth diapers. But to put a newborn in a one size diaper and say it fits, well, that’s somewhat laughable really. It may not fall off, in that sense it fits yes, but in every other sense, I have yet to see one fit well to my liking.

This new “First and Last” dual duty set will appease those who feel the same way I do about OS diapers!

These OS diapers come with an insert that doubles as a prefold for newborns and small infants measuring 12″x14″, the same size as my small prefolds. Once your baby has outgrown the prefold they will be ready for the OS fitted diaper and now your prefold becomes your insert, matching panel and all! You have the option of folding the front of the diaper down to adjust to your baby’s rise as well.


An added bonus is the attractive price! This diaper will cost less than what many OS diapers cost. You get a two for one deal for less, how grand! These delicious darlings are being made with an inner layer of viscose bamboo & organic cotton velour and an outer layer of snappi friendly loop terry or french terry!

 The knit as an accent panel instead of the whole outer body of the diaper serves a dual purpose in and of itself. The bamboo and organic cotton french terry/loop terry really holds up a lot better over time as an outside layer as opposed to the knit. While the Snappi (if you’re using one) does grab the knit panel in the center, I’ve found the bulk of the stress is on the wing area making the french terry/loop terry a much better choice, in my opinion. Not only that, but the accent panel is backed in 2 layers of bamboo and organic cotton french terry giving your baby more absorbency where it’s needed

This is the “First and Last” diaper you will need for your baby all in one package for one attractive price!

This diaper will not be offered with snaps at this time. I toil with my own personal feelings about snaps on a OS diaper. My feelings are that in order to accomplish putting snaps on this type of diaper, as baby requires the need for the rise to be flipped up, he/she now has exposed snaps against his/her belly. I know how rough exposed snaps were on my own baby when I  made a few diapers with exposed snaps, and I wasn’t really happy with the marks they’d leave and so despite the requests I am getting from those wanting snaps on the OS diaper, I just am not comfortable having someone elses baby wearing a diaper with exposed snaps.




They go on sale tomorrow!