Vacation Mode

Hi Folks,

I’ve finally finished up the last of the customs and now the store is in vacation mode. We’ve made a trip back to Kansas to deliver our 14 goats. What a trip that was! Friend of mine in Northern Kansas is keeping them for me while we finish up things here in Ca. and wait for escrow to close on our new house. If you want to read about that you can check out one of the other blogs at Harmony Acres or Herd Marmalade.

This new place is more than a dream come true for us, I can hardly believe it’s true and I keep asking myself if we deserve it all.

There will be so much more room there to work and I really hope to expand into other adventures as time goes on. Next spring you may start seeing goat’s milk soap in the store! That’s been a huge desire for me as my Nubian dairy goat herd has expanded from just a couple for home use to the 14 we took back with us to Kansas. I love love LOVE goat’s milk soap and with new babies each Spring and tons and tons of milk, soap is only a natural forgone conclusion.

At any rate, stocking and customs probably will not resume until the first of Sept. after school has started back up and we are all moved in, settled, etc. The summer is flying by with box after box piling up in my house waiting for the moving van.

Look forward to a Fall with lotsa new stuff!