Almost ready

After an amazingly difficult and long move from Northern California to Kansas this summer, I am just about ready to open the shop back up again.

We began moving our livestock on the 29th of June I think it was but the move started long before that during the middle of April with the official word that we would be picking up and moving. It’s not the middle of September and all of our boxes have yet to be unpacked. How odd I find it that the move has taken an entire growing season from sowing to reaping for us to get here and we still aren’t yet quite settled down.

I do have a new sewing studio that just about has all the finishing touches on it. I’m so excited to be working in such a lovely atmosphere.

My children are now in school with our youngest, Drew (4) attending preschool in the afternoons.

My dairy goats are all settled in here on our new property and breeding has begun for spring kids. I cannot wait at what next year holds for my herd and I’ve even got some new ideas spinning around in my head to include goat’s milk soap for the shop. As this new school year starts, our new life in Kansas begins I look forward with enthusiasm to sewing again!