Old design new twist


Had some customers write in to say they love the idea and design on the F&L diaper and the absorbency is great! Maybe a little too great. Some expressed the desire for yet another doubler.

But wait…I thought you just said the absorbency was too great. Well, perhaps an additional doubler would be super so that the OS diaper as an actual day time work horse too without the additional absorbency of the added 11 layered prefold!

So…you asked, I answered. I am now offering the prefold to be made traditionally as I do my other prefolds with a 2x5x2 layering (instead of the 3x5x3), and including an additional insert! Now you can make your prefold night time worthy¬† with the stand alone insert and when your baby steps up to the OS diaper, it can be used with the stand alone insert for day time duty (making it quite trim!) or use it with the prefold and insert for 17-21 layers!

Double over the stand alone insert where your baby needs it most for a diaper with TWENTY ONE layers of absorbency! Believe it or not, it’s really not bulky!


They go on sale Monday, November 15!