*CUSTOM* One Size Fits All Pocket Cloth Diaper

One Size snap up rise pocket diaper. Bamboo fleece inner. Bamboo fleece insert.

One Size pocket- custom 002

One Size pocket- custom 003

One Size pocket- custom 004

One Size pocket- custom 005

One Size pocket- custom 007

One Size pocket- custom 008


One Size snap rise pocket diaper


This little gem is 4 months old sporting a one size snap rise pocket diaper. Pocket diaper features “pass through” pocket with opening at front and back for ease of insert stuffing and removing, snap up rise, cross over wings for smaller infants and microfleece inner. The insert for this diaper was a tri-fold bamboo thermal insert. The outside of this diaper is waterproof and therefore will not require an additional cover.






Old pattern, new design

I have taken my one size pocket diaper and added elastic to the pocket opening. I feel this will give a little better fit than not having the elastic in the back.

My fitted pocket diapers have elastic in the pocket but up until now, the pocket of the one size did not have elastic.

These will go on sale in just a couple of short weeks and the older style without elastic may be slightly discounted.