How they fit!

This is a custom size trainer I blogged about earlier. It’s a wonderful fit on Andrew on the largest snap setting (I cut 2 out- one for the customer, one for a fitting for Drew). It would make a good diaper as well with perhaps another layer of hemp or as a light diaper as is if you like the side snapping fold over elastic bound style diaper. It’s a fairly trim fit and because it does not require a cover, it should fit nicely under clothing just as well as a disposable. It’s comfortable on him, snug enough to stay up but he still has room to grow.

The bear diaper is my new medium size fitted cloth diaper being modeled by Drew. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the new sizing! Drew is about 24/25 lbs. now and will be 2 in less than a month. He’s fairly thin for his age, and average height (maybe a bit taller than most kids his age), but definitely thinner. So, from that I deduce that this medium size will fit up to most average 2 year olds who weight is about about 25 lbs., and probably will only fit chubby 2 year olds to about 22 lbs. and thinner 2 year olds to about 30 lbs, like Drew! Of course, pound ranges are always a loose guide, so much depends on build. Again this is a medium size and will also fit from about 6 months+ on so you’d get a lot of wear out of these! The absorbency is also going to be adjustable by custom order.

I am so happy with the trim fit of these diapers!