Oct 4 stocking


Egats! Those are expensive!

Have you questioned why fitted cloth diapers (in particular) are/(can be) so expensive?

The answer is simple yet somewhat complex. Compared to prefolds they can take more fabric. It’s not so much the amount of fabric but more so what waste can result from the cut.

Secondly, the time in which is involved to make a fitted can be extensive. Different people have different ways, one of the slowest being to make them one at a time. As in, cut one at a time and sew one at a time. I myself like an assembly line style but still, it’s time consuming. From cutting the diaper itself, cutting soaker layers, sewing internal soaker layers (if any), adding elastic or sewing the diaper together then sewing elastic, then turning and tops stitching (or serging) and finally, closures. There are a lot of steps!

Third, type of material. When you’re paying anywhere from $5 to $15 per yard of fabric and your diaper contains 3 layers plus soakers and maybe a knit outer layer, the price adds up. Snaps cost, thread costs, elastic costs, time to photograph, time to describe, time to list, time to package, time to ship, paying employees (if applicable), machine upkeep & repair, etc. it’s not just as simple as buying some fabric and whatever it costs per yard is what the price should be.

I will be the first to admit that I think $15+ is a lot of money to pay for a diaper. And while I do think there are some diaper makers out there that are probably overdueing it with what they charge, the higher end materials used in some diapers really costs, add that to the other things I mentioned and it’s easy to see (maybe) why the prices are so high.

So, if you were wondering how on earth it’s possible for a single solitary diaper to cost $15+ when all it is fabric, there are some valid reasons :o).

New Knits

My new knits arrived on Saturday and boy was I happy to open that package! So many fun new prints and I couldn’t wait to wash everything and pair it up with the bamboo cotton french terry roll I received last week!

This is a side snapping newborn diaper. Outer layer is a cotton knit in a beautiful floral, there’s a hidden layer of bamboo cotton french terry and the inner is also the same layer. There is a snap in soaker with 2 layers of 100% bamboo fleece, a layer of cotton french terry and it’s all topped with the same knit to tie everything together. It’s so so cute!

As an added bonus, since this is a newborn diaper, the front folds down for those healing belly buttons, no snap to irritate baby, hooray!


Back before Christmas a local mom had a write up in our paper. I contacted her congratulating her only to find out more about what she actually does. Ladies, it’s pretty cool! Basically she writes reviews for items, anything from baby bibs to cleaning supplies I think! From what I understand, among the barrage of other things she participates in, companies will send her items to try and she writes a review. She’ll probably laugh and say there’s a lot more to it than that but from what I’ve gathered after speaking to her several times, this is the short end of it.

At any rate, in my comment section of her write up blog she contacted me back and had visited my site and said she might like to try cloth. Well, of course anyone who knows me is more than willing to give my two cents on the subject and I offered her a few items to try! I started pretty simple with PUL covers, a couple of fitteds and a pocket/All in 2 with a few inserts. Granted, this is nowhere near enough to cloth diaper full time, but it was certainly a good start.

The review is HERE if you’d like to read it, it’s really very sweet! AND, there’s a free giveaway for a fitted cloth diaper AND cover for one lucky mama if you enter!

Currently I’m writing a page for my store site that includes all the modern diaper types for those new to cloth diaper who are feeling very overwhelmed with all the choices and different styles. I remember when I started my cloth diapering journey almost 5 years ago it literally took me days to figure it all out, and to this day it’s still changing! If you have ANY questions, please let me know! I’m here to help and I love offering the information I’ve learned over the past 4 years of cloth.

P.S. if you’d like to go shopping, click the link above that says, “GO SHOPPING”. It;s even fun to window shop:o)!