New Diaper con’t…

I am getting around to listing these new OS diapers today. I thought I’d get some photos of my son, Drew, in them. He’s been potty trained for 18 months now but happily (sort of) obliged to modeling it as long as he got to choose with one he wore. Drew is 3 1/2 and a super skinny little guy. I’m really happy with the side pin on him! He weighs 30 lbs. but as you can see, there is still a lot of room for growth! The max rise on these is 18″.



Snappiable/Pinable multisized fitted

Rachel (my 45 lb., long been out of diapers, 17 days away from being 5 years old) balked at doing this for me slightly but finally gave in and modeled the size Medium-XL. The lighting isn’t great but the fit is just fine!

diapers 019

diapers 018

And below is my 2 1/2 year old 26 lb. son Drew in the NB/Med. I had to bribe him with a candy cane to get these photos!

At first glance I thought there was no way he’d fit but it did fit with room to spare too! You can definitely tell the size difference between the NB-Med and the Med-XL though and when you’re holding the smaller of the two sizes in your hand, it’s easy to see how it would easily fit a 5 lb. newborn without too much bulk.

Of course, my son is super thin too so I cannot assure you this would work for most 2 1/2 year olds.

Both my kids have been using the potty for ages now and so I not longer keep diaper pins around. Regular safety pins did the trick though.

If Drew were still in diapers I think I would prefer the Med-XL size just because I can :o). But this is for the sake of modeling purposes.

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM

Eye Candy

Decided to whip up a diaper real quick as a free giveaway sometime between now and Monday in the store. My apologies in advance for the photos. It’s been so overcast and rainy here so there’s no natural light, along with the fact it was barely after 7 AM and and it wasn’t light outside so these will have to do. I’ll have better photos to put into the store but for now, here is Drew modeling a MEDIUM (I can’t believe he can still wear a medium at 2 1/2!) dark blue minky dot outer/cotton velour inner/hemp soaker fitted.

Medium Minky Diaper

Medium Minky Diaper

Medium Minky Diaper

Medium Minky Diaper

Multi-size bamboo fitted

I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Things have been so crazy busy but here’s some new eye candy.

This is a large bamboo front snapping diaper. Until now I’ve stuck with side snapping bamboo diapers but this turned out really nice! I serged this diaper as opposed to my normal T&T (turn and topstitch method) which allows for a wonderful stretch! This diaper can be used from medium to XL!

Andrew tried it on to model and it will be available in just a week or so. Andrew is 2 1/2 and uses the potty during the day but is still a perfect model! He’s super thin so the waist setting is on its smallest taking advantage of the cross over snap option.

This diaper comes with a lay in tri-fold soaker giving 8 total layers of absorption when used with the diaper. This bamboo fleece is super absorbent and 6 layers lasts Drew all night long without even being wet on the diaper outer in the morning!

Large bamboo

Large Bamboo

Large bamboo-inner




Large Side Snapping Cover

My Sister-In-Law needs some bigger covers for my nephew and I made them up today. Before I sent them out I thought I’d show some photos of their fit. Drew made sure to remind me he no longer wears diapers during the day but obliged to humor me for these photos. My side snapping covers normally snap to the back but my SIL prefers they snap towards the front. My side snapping covers are a full cut and are great for night time use because they are roomy yet still snug fitting. He’s on the smallest sitting here, he’s super thin for a 2 year old.

I put Drew’s night time side snapping bamboo fitted pocket diaper on to give you the full affect of what the cover looks like with an actual diaper on. The fit is really nice.