Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung. The tulips are blooming, our new kids have arrived (9 girls & 4 boys) and the weather (most days) is sunny and glorious! Welcome Spring. Goodbye Winter!

Isabella's Kids

Rachel and Chloe

Almost to big to cuddle.

Drew and Mea (gettin' big!)

How do YOU talk to a little baby goat?

How do you talk to a little baby goat

Drew and PJ's doe kid

Do YOUR ears hand low?
Bonnie's kids

It’s also time for Spring cleaning and I am clearing out diapers and inserts and covers that were made and never listed! There are a lot of drawings and some auctions going on in the store and some great deals can be had!

How ’bout an isty bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini Snappi friendly bamboo diaper?

Itsy Bitsy

I’m ready for my close up!

close up

Inserts are useful too!

Insert it


Snappiable/Pinable multisized fitted

Rachel (my 45 lb., long been out of diapers, 17 days away from being 5 years old) balked at doing this for me slightly but finally gave in and modeled the size Medium-XL. The lighting isn’t great but the fit is just fine!

diapers 019

diapers 018

And below is my 2 1/2 year old 26 lb. son Drew in the NB/Med. I had to bribe him with a candy cane to get these photos!

At first glance I thought there was no way he’d fit but it did fit with room to spare too! You can definitely tell the size difference between the NB-Med and the Med-XL though and when you’re holding the smaller of the two sizes in your hand, it’s easy to see how it would easily fit a 5 lb. newborn without too much bulk.

Of course, my son is super thin too so I cannot assure you this would work for most 2 1/2 year olds.

Both my kids have been using the potty for ages now and so I not longer keep diaper pins around. Regular safety pins did the trick though.

If Drew were still in diapers I think I would prefer the Med-XL size just because I can :o). But this is for the sake of modeling purposes.

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM

Drew in NB/SM