Major Spring Cleaning

Have a few boxes of items that were never listed, second quaility items  and old stock going up in the “Spring Cleaning” section of the store. Check it out for a lot of great deals and drawings! Don’t forget to check the other categories too as there are some new prefolds and newborn fitteds that were added!






Nov. 1 Stocking

After going through a bunch of inventory, I noticed a huge box full of things that were never listed for various reasons.

It’s been a rough week so far at home starting on Sunday with the tragic loss of our family dog, Butters.

Trying to get back on track here with a lot brewing in my head so there will be some drawings, and lots of stuff in the clearance section of the store. The 10% off your entire order sale is still going on until Saturday, Oct. 30th so don’t forget to use your code at check out for your savings! Check out the top of the store’s page for the code and more info.

Also, trying to get a facebook page up and running as well. Check it out and become a fan if you’d like!

I’ve been thinking…

With the new laws set into affect by the FTC and CPSC with regard to tracking and content and lead limits…I think I’ll have big sale to make room for all the new stuff that I’ve been working on. Out with the old, in with the new…check out the store for the great deals to be had!

School’s Out Sale!

My oldest baby has graduated preschool (seems like she was just a newborn that fit in the crook of my arm)! I have been so out of the loop it seems the past few months with everything going on around the farm I haven’t had a chance to really sew. But, I’m eager to get back to the fabric and machine but I’d like to de-stash and clean up inventory a bit and I’m offering up some great deals!

Check out the store for FFS (free for shipping) lotteries and items at incredibly discounted prices!