As OS (One Size) as they come… with lots of options!

I’ve been a long (long) time fan of side snapping diapers. I can attest to how much longer they actually fit compared to their front snapping cousins for all shapes of babies-which I can also attest to being as how my daughter was pretty much average in terms of legs and thighs and waist. My son however, was a chunky infant but once he had his walking legs on, he slimmed down to a regular bean pole. He’s long since been out of diapers-but the fact still remains, I much prefer side snapping diapers for their fit on such a wide variety of body types and  because, in my opinion, there is a lot less bulk!

I’ve also been a long time fan of OS (One Size) diapers but I am NOT a fan of bulk and, quite honestly, the claims of one size diapers fitting from newborns to potty training can sometimes be absurd for those that have really tiny babies. And by tiny, I mean 5-6 lbs. I also know that, at least when it came to my newborns even at 8.8 lbs and 9 lbs. respectively, they still were slim and even the newborn diapers that I had made for my first, the leg openings left gaps until she packed on a few lbs., which took a couple weeks.
These new side snapping (as true as you can get to a OS diaper in my opinion) are my conceived idea for a diaper that fits a 5-6 lb. newborn to about 32 -35 lbs. (more or less depending on body style).
These side snapping diapers have a few features for rise adjust-ability. First, the fold down front.  The front top snap is actually double studded (one inside and one out, instead of a cap on the outside as is standard for most diapers).

For those teeny tiny babies you’re going to place the bottom “stud” snap into the top wing “socket” snap…
then, depending on how small your baby is, you can fold the rise over and snap the front top snap into the lower wing snap…

…after folding, the front of your diaper looks like this.

You may also opt to snap it as shown above without folding it over which will give you a bit longer rise and look something like this…

See how itty bitty the leg openings for those tiny babies?

Once your baby has grown a bit from that teeny tiny newborn (or if your newborns are like mine and come a bit larger), you may not need this fold over option and can go straight to the smallest size waist settings on the wing. This side snapping diaper also features a single inner rise adjustment (snaps covered by the insert), for tiny newborns (while being used in conjunction with the fold down option) and those babies weighing anywhere from about 9-18 lbs. Once your baby has grown in length, simply unsnap the inner rise adjustment and wear as normal.

(Small setting)
(Medium Setting)

(Large setting)

The wing snaps are offset top and bottom for a wider range of adjustment which makes a more customizable fit possible.

There will be the option to customize your insert(s). For those tiny newborns, the trifold insert designed for larger infants and toddlers will add bulk so you may opt for just a small 3 layer insert- 100% bamboo flannel or loop terry and velour- or go for the larger trifold insert- 100% bamboo flannel or a terry and velour. Or get both and use the “infant” 3 layer insert for your small baby and then add it to your tri-fold insert for 15 layers of absorbency which is night time worthy for toddlers! Or, opt for none and use your own inserts! The tri-fold insert can also double as a small prefold or lay in cover style soaker, the size is the same (12″ x 14″)! Too many options to list!

These will be available in 100% bamboo flannel and bamboo & organic cotton velour. The velour will be stretchier than the flannel but both are equally as nice against the skin!