February Custom

custom for leah 2-10

custom for leah (inners)

XL Side Snapping Bamboo diapers with lay in snake style inserts.

Action shots

Evan is my newest nephew. He’s testing out the new mini-diaper system. I realized I haven’t posted photos of this yet. I was still working out some kinks from feedback. It’s a little difficult to get a good photo of this diaper actually on, because it does require the cover to actually be snugly closed in order for the diaper to stay on, unlike other diapers that secure with wings around the front or sides. This is a size newborn and he’s about a month old here. He was tiny at birth weighing just over 5 lbs. I think.

At any rate, the response has been good although my SIL has said she would prefer snaps in the front too as well as the back to correspond with the diaper’s snaps. Evan has some tiny little thighs and covers needed to be a little fuller cut for him to keep everything nice and snug and gap free.

Evan Ryan trying out the new minidiaper system

And here are some older photos just for fun that were stashed away in my albums.
This is Evan’s older brother Nathan who is just 13 months older! AHHH, 2 boys under 2, what fun huh?

Anyway, these photos were taken some time ago. He’s grown up so much but I thought it would be fun to show some action shots nonetheless.

Nathan James in Medium Skulls


Nathan James in Chili medium Fitted
Chili Peppers

Nathan James in Medium Side Snapping Cover
More recent-side snapping cover.

Large Side Snapping Cover

My Sister-In-Law needs some bigger covers for my nephew and I made them up today. Before I sent them out I thought I’d show some photos of their fit. Drew made sure to remind me he no longer wears diapers during the day but obliged to humor me for these photos. My side snapping covers normally snap to the back but my SIL prefers they snap towards the front. My side snapping covers are a full cut and are great for night time use because they are roomy yet still snug fitting. He’s on the smallest sitting here, he’s super thin for a 2 year old.

I put Drew’s night time side snapping bamboo fitted pocket diaper on to give you the full affect of what the cover looks like with an actual diaper on. The fit is really nice.

New Knits

My new knits arrived on Saturday and boy was I happy to open that package! So many fun new prints and I couldn’t wait to wash everything and pair it up with the bamboo cotton french terry roll I received last week!

This is a side snapping newborn diaper. Outer layer is a cotton knit in a beautiful floral, there’s a hidden layer of bamboo cotton french terry and the inner is also the same layer. There is a snap in soaker with 2 layers of 100% bamboo fleece, a layer of cotton french terry and it’s all topped with the same knit to tie everything together. It’s so so cute!

As an added bonus, since this is a newborn diaper, the front folds down for those healing belly buttons, no snap to irritate baby, hooray!