March 1- Sneak Peek

It’s been a rough past couple of weeks. I’ve been humbled, afraid, rewarded, exhausted, grateful, stressed, sad, annoyed, scared, excited, relieved and satisfied, among other things.

My 3 year old ended up in the PICU overnight because of pneumonia. What a humbling & scary ordeal! Humbling in that, thus far knock on wood, I have had majorly healthy kids. Humbling in that there are people that spend a good amount of time there with their sick littles. Humbling in that I don’t, er haven’t. Grateful that I have a great nurse for a neighbor who came over and listened to my son’s lungs and told us what we suspected and grateful for the wisdom not to wait until morning to go to the ER because after the events that transpired, had we waited any longer we would have most certainly been calling 911 that night. Grateful for the fact we waited merely minutes in the ER that night though we did have a seriously sick little boy. Scary in that, well, just plain scary!

One ambulance ride, a fight with a nurse over a nasal cannula that was adult size, some major breathing problems, beeping, vital checks and a sleepless night later, we came home with medication only to have to find a flight out for my husband back to his home state for a funeral that weekend for a family member that had passed away that morning.

This is goat birthing season around here and Thursday night found me walking wearing the path from the house to the girls stall to check on a doe who was showing signs of labor. I do my best to be there for each one during delivery especially first timers since I’ve had to assist more than once.

I told my husband it was going to be an early morning. I would have said late night but it was midnight by the time he got home from teaching a class at one of the colleges. I fell asleep shortly after, woke up at 2 AM wanting just a couple more minutes which I would somewhat live to regret because at 3 AM I went out in the pitch black night, flipped the switch in the stall and there were 2 wet and cold babies on the ground. One mama goat can only lick her babies so fast.

Being as how I was still in my nightgown (and freezing!) I raced up to the house and changed quickly, woke my husband who did not follow me out for this one. His love for me only goes so far. Just kidding! I told him I would be fine. Two hours and two dry and nursing babies later (one boy and one girl by the way WITH spots!) it was back up to the house for another hour of sleep before getting up to start milking chores.

Friday I saw my hubby off at the airport and that brings us to today without much to sneak a peak at. But here’s what I’ve got anyway…They’ll be in the store tomorrow!



Custom- August

Quite honestly folks I have just been SO busy with life I haven’t had much time for sewing. If you don’t know, I have two kiddos, I have milking goats, I have a huge garden and summer time is just incredibly busy for me. If you’d like to read more about that aspect, check out my other blogs at Harmony Acres and Growing and Sewing.

At any rate, I do have quite a few adorable things I’ve been working on and as soon as I get a chance, I’ll list those but I wanted to take this chance to put up a snappiable custom fitted I finished up just yesterday and shipped out.