Sneak Peak: Feb. 1

feb. 1 sotcking M/L side snapping Bamboo fitted

Feb 1 sotcking- prefolds

Sneak Peak Stocking: January 15th

Things have been super super busy here. We’ll be expecting baby goats soon as some of our dairy does are nearing the end of their pregnancy. We got snow last Monday that crippled me in ways. I’m a California girl! Not that California doesn’t get cold or snow for that matter though L.A. never did and that’s where I spent the first 21 years of my life and the last 4 years in Northern California after moving around a bit with my husband in the military. But goats and snow and a newbie in snow don’t mix all that well needless to say. But, I’m making it, it just taking me a bit longer to adjust.

I’ve also consigned on with a baby boutique in Newton, Ks. So, I’ve been working hard on getting the prefolds ready for that.On top of all that I got my flannel in just before Christmas and I’ve been having a ball with it! I cannot tell you how nice this stuff is!

So anyway, here are the prefolds for the boutique…

HBB prefolds

HBB prefolds girly

And here is a sneak peak at he humble Saturday (hopefully!) stocking! Friday nights is family movie nights here at home. Every Friday night (unless we’re all just too tired to stay awake and in that case we move it to Saturday) we all sit down as a family to watch a family appropriate movie. We look forward to it all week. Sadly, my husband and I are usually the ones who fall asleep on it but I am thinking I may sit in the cozy living room while the movie plays in front of the laptop. I guess it’s sort of a cop out but we’re still together and I don’t plan to make a habit of it. Anyway…

Jan 15 stocking
(Some “frugal fluff” bamboo style!!! OS 100% bamboo ultra luxurious fitteds!)

Jan 15 stocking

(Side snapping sized fitteds. Again out of 100% bamboo…so so so yummy!)

Jan 15 stocking construction

Jan 15 stocking strawberries

And a drawing is in the works too on the blog, Facebook or the store. Check them all out so you don’t miss your chance.