How they fit!

This is a custom size trainer I blogged about earlier. It’s a wonderful fit on Andrew on the largest snap setting (I cut 2 out- one for the customer, one for a fitting for Drew). It would make a good diaper as well with perhaps another layer of hemp or as a light diaper as is if you like the side snapping fold over elastic bound style diaper. It’s a fairly trim fit and because it does not require a cover, it should fit nicely under clothing just as well as a disposable. It’s comfortable on him, snug enough to stay up but he still has room to grow.

The bear diaper is my new medium size fitted cloth diaper being modeled by Drew. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the new sizing! Drew is about 24/25 lbs. now and will be 2 in less than a month. He’s fairly thin for his age, and average height (maybe a bit taller than most kids his age), but definitely thinner. So, from that I deduce that this medium size will fit up to most average 2 year olds who weight is about about 25 lbs., and probably will only fit chubby 2 year olds to about 22 lbs. and thinner 2 year olds to about 30 lbs, like Drew! Of course, pound ranges are always a loose guide, so much depends on build. Again this is a medium size and will also fit from about 6 months+ on so you’d get a lot of wear out of these! The absorbency is also going to be adjustable by custom order.

I am so happy with the trim fit of these diapers!


Custom Order + New items!

Custom order for 4 Side Snapping All In Ones and a trainer custom made in about an 18-24 months (or thin 2T) size-sherpa inner with hemp soak.

And 4 beautiful new PUL colors in the store! Lime Green, Baby Blue, Baby Green and Baby Pink, so Springy!!!


I have created my first trainer! Are you asking yourself, what’s a trainer? Basically a diaper for older kids who aren’t potty trained or need help potty learning. This one you can pull on (or snap on) and snap off when wet.

This one is chocolate brown PUL outer with a natural colored sherpa inner, Baby Blue Fold Over Elastic binding (think 1970’s LOL) and 1 layer of sherpa and flannel in the soaker zone. For being my first it came out pretty well. I wasn’t paying attention when I started the FOE and I accidentally started it on the front wing where you’ll see it instead of the back wing where you won’t when the diaper is snapped. It’ll be sold as a second quality on HC as soon as I get a little time to list it.

Overall I’m very happy with the pattern! I love the contoured soaker too. I normally do not do contoured soakers but I really think this is one thing that will require them.