May the force be with you

Custom t-shirt hybrid All In One. Outer: cotton t-shirt with cotton velour wings. Hidden: Windpro fleece. Inner: cotton velour. Insert: bamboo fleece topped in cotton velour.










Upcycling! Do you have a free spirit?

One Size fold down rise F&L (First and Last) fitted cloth diaper. Outer: 100% cotton upcycled Gymboree tee with cotton velour wings. Hidden and inner: bamboo & organic cotton fleece. Features a lay in tri-fold insert of bamboo fleece. Insert is also a size small prefold! Available on December 1st!


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Custom F&L’s

A custom set of 12 First and Last One Size bamboo fitteds. These fitteds feature bamboo & organic cotton velour inner, 2 additional body layers of bamboo & organic cotton french terry (Snappi friendly!). The prefold inserts are made traditionally with serging only at the top and bottom and are made from bamboo & organic cotton french terry. The stand alone oval doublers are topped in bamboo & organic cotton velour.


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Fabric Price Increase

I was notified earlier this week by my fabric supplier that for the first time in 7 years they’ll have to raise their prices, “Due to the rising costs of bamboo and cotton yard (and even more of a cost in organic cotton!)…, the slipping currency exchange, and the increased cost of transportation worldwide…”-R.D.

Prices went into affect in the store as of Oct. 30th. for the bamboo & organic cotton velour. Unfortunately I cannot absorb these prices as I already offer them at such a low price.

In the near future I hope to also offer such fabrics as bamboo flannel, loop terry, and possibly bamboo fleece.

Lazy Fall Day

Dear Customers: Would you be opposed to having your cloth diapers smell like a barn yard? It’s such a lovely day out and I long to be outside during these last few days of warmth before the cold winter hits but, I’ve got deadlines. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love to make diapers; BUT, the goats all look so happy to be grazing and lazing about in the last bit of sunshine and it’s just so picturesque. So, I was kinda thinking that I would haul my fabric, machines and table out to them and get my work done and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You know, kill two birds with one stone? All opposed say I.

P.S. Would it be wrong of me to turn off the comments for this blog :o)?

P.P.S. Just so we’re clear…I’m just kidding about hauling everything out to the barn just in case there are those who cannot see the humor.